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Users asked to give their username and password

  Asked By: Maurice    Date: Dec 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2234

I have added all the users in my domain to the Site users list. But some are
able to login and some are not. They are consistently being popped the login
dialog. Though they are valid users they are denied access.

I faced this problem abt a month back and on investigation i found that the
users who are beIng denied access though belonging to the same domain were have
a different ip, i.e.

user ip

Harry was getting access whereas Potter was not. I got the support people to
give Potter access to the Server subnet, and that solved the problem.

But that seems to be a fluke..., now i am facIng the same problem, even for
users in the same ip pattern/subnet/whatever, i don't know the correct
termInology so excuse my language.

Any one got a clue to this. I need urgent help on this.



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Toby Singleton     Answered On: Dec 22

I am facing  simillar (if not same) problem. I have One Portal site  which has two
additional Team sites. I added  a contributor to all three of these. The account
that I added is and AD account. Now, the user  keeps getting prompted on every
action (i.e. even while navigating) three times. Did you or any one find any way
on how to ensure the user logs in once and that's it???

Also, the user logs in on his/her computer with his/her same AD id, before
launching the IE browser and connenting to the site.

Answer #2    Answered By: Felipe Osborne     Answered On: Dec 22

The problem  may be with the security settings in I.E. on the users  desktop

(Tools - Internet - Options -Security - Local InTRAnet).

Make sure that the site  is coming up as an InTRAnet site, and that User
Authentication Automatic logon only in InTRAnet zone is checked (custom
level - bottom of the list). The user  also needs to check Remember
Password when he is first prompted from I.E.

Since the user is already logged into the domain  they "should" not be
prompted for a password  from I.E. in the first place, but our users are
occasionally prompted. (just explain that this is a "random security
check"). Users will also be prompted if they don't have access  to a link
(for example if a contributor tries to change the title of a page (site
settings change general settings).

Answer #3    Answered By: Steve Fernandez     Answered On: Dec 22

I have not taken time to test, but from memory you may need to look at
the browser settings to ensure that the site  is trusted or in intranet
zone and set the security settings in the zone to automatic log on....

Answer #4    Answered By: Travis Turner     Answered On: Dec 22

You nailed the problem. The only thing now I cannot figure out is, I
have a custom logo on the sharepoint portal site. That I created and
copied it in the same folder where the default logo is i.e.

The logo comes up fine when I log in on the Portal Site. However when
the user  logs on to the site, the site  displays however before bringing
up the logo it prompts the user to put in ID & PWD. The user puts in the
ID & PWD,which I think fails since the logo does not get displayed.

What am I missing here (permissions ??? what & where ???)

Answer #5    Answered By: Noah Carr     Answered On: Dec 22

We also encounter this problem. Do we need to define the images in any
XML or place them in the site  area? Any idea on this?

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