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username populating on a sharepoint list

  Asked By: Paula    Date: Aug 02    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 3943

I am hoping someone can set me straight on this as I going crazy trying to figure this out, and I am hoping it is something stupid I am missing.

background: We are not allowed to use a forms library we must publish our forms to a SP List and we do not touch the AD, so we have to create work arounds for our stuff - hence what you will read next.

Created a user list, which includes userID and full name (plus a bunch of other stuff)call CCP Info

Created a data connection to the CCP Info list

then created a form. Put the Username function as a hidden field on the form, and created a text field for the Full Name to show up in.

at the username field added a rule to set field value of the full name field on the form. formula is to take the full name from the field Full name from the CCP list with a filter of Username (on main) = username (on CCP info).

Published the form and when I enter in a new item my name shows up in the full name. However when someone else views the item it populates the full name with their name, not mine.

I need to be able to publish the form to the list and have it maintain the data, not change the data to the current user logged in.

I hope this makes sense. Plesas let me know if you need more information.

I am using Sharepoint 2010 enterprise, and Infopath 2010



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