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User rights - create new role

  Asked By: Varsha    Date: Sep 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1859

I would like to create a new role who only is allowed to read documents in
SPS. I have found out that the user right I would like to use is named
ViewPages (description: Grants permission to browse pages in the Web site,
including pages with FrontPage components.) How do I set up the new role?
On <http://msdn.microsoft.com> I have found the following:

Using HTML Administration pages to manage roles
You can manage roles from the Site Administration page for your Web site. To
manage roles, you follow the Manage roles link on the Site Administration
page to the Manage Roles page. By using this page, you can view a list of
roles, change which rights are included in a role, add a new role, or delete
a role.

To view the Site Administration page
·If you are a server administrator, on the server
computer click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and
click Microsoft SharePoint Administrator, and then on the Server
Administration page, click the name of the site you want to manage.

· If you are a site administrator, on your Web site,
click Site Settings, and then under Web Administration, click Go to Site

I am the site administrator, but where do I find the Site Settings? I have
also tried to log in as Server Adminstrator on the server computer and tried
to manage the roles from Microsoft SharePoint Administrator but there isn't
an option to manage the roles from there. Is there another way to do it?

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Elias Cannon     Answered On: Sep 07

There are only three roles, no more and no less. I'm thinking what you read
on MSDN is not SharePoint-specific but rather IIS or NTFS-specific.

Reader: can see but don't touch
Author: Reader + can create, edit, delete and view  version history
Coordinator: Author + can set  permissions for others and bypass process

You cannot change  these roles, add  new ones, or delete them. roles  can only
assigned to folder objects, and they take effect on all contents of the
folder unless a subfolder has different roles assigned.

You assign roles with the "Security" tab of a folder. You assign
workspace-wide roles in the sharepoint  Administrator Console, but you really
should only do this once, at the beginning. Hint: create  two groups called
"Intranet Authors" and "Intranet Coordinators", make them those roles on the
workspace at the beginning, and just put people in and out of that group as

So, given that your requirement says "I would like to create a new role  who
can only read", you have that -- it's called the Reader Role. They cannot
see unpublished documents, they cannot edit (key part here is that they
cannot edit the document and then update it in sharepoint -- there's nothing
stopping them from downloading the document and editing it locally), and
they cannot modify permissions.

For more information (and there's lots more) on Roles and how they impact
your usage and the security of your portal, review Bill's book (The
Administrator's Guide to SharePoint Portal Server) and Microsoft's
SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Resource Kit -- both must-have's.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kartik Athani     Answered On: Sep 07

I think she/he is referring to Sharepoint Team Services by the sound of her
request. Maybe she can post back here and clarify it, though I do not
know how many STS people watch this list.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ira Knox     Answered On: Sep 07

Thank you for taking your time answering my question. It looks like you were
right about me refering to a STS page, I am sorry about that... What I would
like to do is to create  a new user  role who only can read  and subscribe
documents and not have the option  to discuss documents. This is really not a big
problem though, I think I will just assign the users the reader role.

Answer #4    Answered By: Divyesh Hurkadli     Answered On: Sep 07

I would provide more help  but I do not work with STS and someone has
borrowed my "play" instance of it so I can not even click  around to
provide help. You might try the MS news group, I think they have a few
dedicated to STS.

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