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Usage Statistics

  Asked By: Jamison    Date: Jul 21    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 5316

Does anybody know of any third party utilities that will provide
sophisticated usage analysis reporting for SPS/WSS? I'm looking for
somthing that will provide similar functionality to WebTrends or
Sawmill, but those products are only of use in analysing raw IIS logs
which are not so useful in the SharePoint world.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Irvin Foley     Answered On: Jul 21

Why don’t you think IIS log analysis  would not be useful for a SharePoint site?

Answer #2    Answered By: Deonte Stein     Answered On: Jul 21

The IIS logs sit on the wrong side of the ISAPI filter which handle
the communication with SQL server.

The field in the IIS logs that is of most interset to a log parsing
utility such as Webtrends, cs-uri-stem, mainly consists of calls to
owssvr.dll and has no useful page information.

The SharePoint logging option that you can turn on partially
addresses the problem. But the data that those logs capture is of
limited use. You can't for example tell how many times a certain
document has been accessed, only the number of hits on the page that
contains the document library.

Answer #3    Answered By: Stephon Valentine     Answered On: Jul 21

You need to write parsers (or have it built) to translate the STS logs
produced by Sharepoint to raw  IIS format.
We did so and are now able to use Webtrends for our analysis.
I must say we were inspired by the Microsoft method of Sharepoint
analysis. They promoted their SQL reporting  tool for usage  analysis of
our Sharepoint portal but when we looked into their solution, they
actually used a parser to stream the STS logs into a SQL database.
This gave us the idea of first transforming the STS logs into an ASCII
file by use of a C# parser and then transform these ASCII files into
usable IIS logs by the Webtrends script language. Eventually I will
rewrite the C# parser to produce a nicely formated IIS logfile in one
More explanation and sample code about parsing STS logfiles is
available at Microsoft.

Is this any help?

Answer #4    Answered By: Leif Cardenas     Answered On: Jul 21

Were you able to successfully use the SQL reporting  tool? The documentation provided was not sufficient for troubleshooting errors.

Answer #5    Answered By: Jasper Hatfield     Answered On: Jul 21

One of the companies that develop websites for our company gave a demo
using SQL Reporting. They successfully implemented it for another one
of their clients. We investigated the SQL solution vs Webtrends and
when we found out that both solution basically depend on the parsing
of the STS files we decided to stick with Webtrends (one
tool/interface for all web analysis). The SQL Reporting demo looked
very nice as well though, but it needs more work to make it look that

Answer #6    Answered By: Rashawn Hopper     Answered On: Jul 21

Has anyone experience with using RichTextFields in
custom webparts.

fld = new RichTextField
fld.fAllowHyperlink = false;
fld.WebLocale = "1033";
fld.stNumLines = "5";

I would like to know if there are more methods
possible such as setting the width (100%). Couldn't
find anything on the web.

Answer #7    Answered By: Horace Coffey     Answered On: Jul 21

We are getting closer to a resolution, but you are correct, it requires work. The part I like about the SQL solution, is the database organization and using a datamart/OLAP structure for customized analytics.

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