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URL Renaming

  Asked By: Sidney    Date: Apr 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1340

I would suggest that you backup your portal, then restore it to a new virtual server whose URL is http://hpcepmportal/foods.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Ernesto Dawson     Answered On: Apr 15

I don’t think this is possible.

But detail are you using Windows Sharepoint Service or Sharepoint portal  Server.

If you were to use WSS, you can use the smigrate tool to move a site under a sub-site. For the portal, there is no out of the box tool to move a portal under an other one. You may need to look for 3rd party solutions

Answer #2    Answered By: Santiago Hood     Answered On: Apr 15

I’m not suggesting that he move a portal  “under” another one. This can’t be done anyways, since there is no portal hierarchy in SharePoint. But you can create a new portal at a different URL, even if a portal of the URL is used for another portal.

For example:

I can create a portal at http://foo.

I can create another portal at http://foo/sales.

What I can’t do is then create a sub area in the foo portal, called http://foo/sales.

Answer #3    Answered By: Alonzo Richard     Answered On: Apr 15

I have a custom Site Definition with the standard action menu (Add Person, Alert Me, Edit Page…) I have a problem. The Manage Content button isn’t taking me to the correct Area Document library (http://localhost/myarea/_layouts/1033/spsviewlsts.aspx). Its taking me to the document library for the HOME, or top level of the site (http://localhost /_layouts/1033/spsviewlsts.asp ) Any Ideas? This is SPS 2003.

Answer #4    Answered By: Toby Singleton     Answered On: Apr 15

I will try out these strategies and work on it.

I have run into another major problem.

I had created a btach file create sharepoint portal  back up.

It went through fine for some days and all of a sudden it seems to have stopped working.

The batch file runs without any out put.

The reason i am using a batch file is because i want to automate the backup.

The batch file is as follows and it is present in C:\Program Files\SharePoint Portal Server\Bin

spsbackup /portal http://hpcepmportal/ /file f:\spsdata\HPCEPMPORTAL\hpc1.bak /overwrite
spsbackup /portal http://hpcepmportal:2001/ /file f:\spsdata\FoodPortal\hpcFood.bak /overwrite
spsbackup /portal http://hpcepmportal:2000/ /file f:\spsdata\Unilever-rsd\Unilever-RSD.bak /overwrite
spsbackup /portal http://hpcepmportal:11000/ /file f:\spsdata\HPCEPM\EPMSupport.bak /overwrite

Please guide me why it might not be working.

Also is it enough if i backup  my portal this way or should i take the sql server  databse backups also???

Please help.

This is a single server farm setup and identity of the application pool has been set to system local account.

This a recent change we made.

We run the batch file from admin login.

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