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"Upload multiple documents" link is missing

  Asked By: Susana    Date: Dec 24    Category: MOSS    Views: 12166

the client is running MOSS 2007 on windows server 2003.
The client claims that they link was present at one time, but is gone now.
I have seen where it is suggested to check the office 11 folder for stsupld.dll
and I have checked it and it is not there..
I also checked another SP server that I can upload multiple documents and there
is no office 11 folder at all.

Someone please help me sort this out.
Ultimately what I need is to make the "upload multiple documents" re-appear.



17 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Bahadur Kotoky     Answered On: Dec 24

The presence of that menu item depends on the client, not the server
(unless you are running  the browser on the server itself). For it to
appear, the client  must have Office 2007 installed.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jeremey Avery     Answered On: Dec 24

Some users are using office 2003 and some are using office 2007.
The specific user that reported the issue was using Office '07.
It was present at one time.
They reported the issue on 9/24 and the following security updates were
installed on 9/13:
Not sure if the updates had anything to do with it but thought I would supply
that info as well.

Answer #3    Answered By: Mariel Ferrell     Answered On: Dec 24

what version of office the user has?

office version should be office 2003 or above.

Answer #4    Answered By: Santana Osborn     Answered On: Dec 24

If I remember isn't there an active-x control that is installed by the
office 2003 or higher? Cannot remember if it was 03 or an XP service pack that
installed it. Anyway, if you do not have office onstalled on the client  the
activex controls will not be installed and the link  will not show up for the

Answer #5    Answered By: David Brown     Answered On: Dec 24

Let's assume that active x isn't the issue. I am waiting for confirmation from
their IT department on whether or not active x is being banned.
What else can I look at?
Remember, it was working at one point.

Answer #6    Answered By: Daamodar Bhadranavar     Answered On: Dec 24

The link  shows up in two places. Checking to see if its missing  in both places
may tell you something about what is causing it. First, there is the menu entry
on the upload  menu. That can be removed using a HideCustomAction feature.
Second is the link on the regular upload dialog itself. If you click the Upload
menu or the Upload a file from the menu you'll get an upload dialog box. There
is a link just under the Browse text box that will also allow you to upload a
file. The presence of that link is controlled by a javascript that runs on the
client. The Javascript checks for the presence of the activeX control and shows
the link if its available and hides it if its not. If the ActiveX control is on
the client  and hasn't been blocked by security policies in IE, then the link
should show. Whether it works or not may be a different matter, but it should
show up.

Answer #7    Answered By: Destiny Lewis     Answered On: Dec 24

The link  doesn't show up in either place.

Answer #8    Answered By: Tanisha Rowe     Answered On: Dec 24

Did they lose the Edit in Datasheet capability? If so - same thing happened to
us and it was either an Active X or javascript issue.

Answer #9    Answered By: Sierra Lewis     Answered On: Dec 24

Its interesting, I can upload  multiple docs, and edit in datasheet view..I am
using IE8 and have Office 2007 installed on my laptop.
My client  is using IE7 and also has Office 2007 installed and she can't.
I can't believe it's a SharePoint issue otherwise wouldn't everyone have the
same problem?

Answer #10    Answered By: Dwight Becker     Answered On: Dec 24

If you can do it and your client  can't than the first thing to try is running
Repair on Office 2007 from the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. Installing
individual apps from Office 2003, for example One Note or Visio, will often
confuse the browser on which ActiveX control to use. running  repair will fix
it. Otherwise its something in the settings for your client's browser. These
can be set individually (make sure the site is in Trusted Sites or Local
Intranet zone) or may be enforced by an enterprise through policy settings. Are
your laptop and the client's machine both members of the same domain? Otherwise
you may have different group policy settings.

Answer #11    Answered By: Amar Kumbar     Answered On: Dec 24

I made that recommendation to my client.
Will see what happens.
Thanks to all that provided suggestions.

Answer #12    Answered By: Marc Dixon     Answered On: Dec 24

The first thing to check is that someone hasn't rolled out a group policy to the
browsers disallowing Active X controls. The multiple upload  link requires an
active X control and if its not available then the link  doesn't show.

Answer #13    Answered By: Johathan Mcgowan     Answered On: Dec 24

I am waiting to hear back on the group policy possibility.
If that isn't the case, what should be my next move?

Answer #14    Answered By: Georgia Barr     Answered On: Dec 24

Stsupld.dll must be on the client. An Office client  repair in 'add/remove
programs' (or your winver equiv) usually works. This assumes the SP site in
question is in Trusted Sites or Intranet per Paul's recommendation below.

Answer #15    Answered By: Jessi Sweet     Answered On: Dec 24

Sorry about this, but I can't help myself... when I first saw this I thought it
said stupid.dll. Makes ya stop and think sometimes.

Answer #16    Answered By: Kelvin Mckinney     Answered On: Dec 24

the way I am feeling at this moment, I think it should be renamed to that.

Answer #17    Answered By: Gaurav Ghosh     Answered On: Dec 24

Interestingly enough, when I browse their portal from my laptop which has office
2007 (and is able to upload  multiple docs on our company intranet-also MOSS
2007) I dont get the option either.
so this leads me to think something is amiss server side.

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