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Upload to Library but Prevent Viewing of all Documents

  Asked By: Tyler    Date: Feb 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1824

I need to create a webpart whereby users can upload their bids to a
library so that our client can view the documents. However, to keep
bids confidential - the users should not be able to view the contents
of the library nor do we want them to access the Toolbar items(ex. New,
Actions, etc).

I was planning to make the library portion of the webpart hidden and
insert a content editor webpart with the words "Upload Documents" these
words would be linked to the Upload page I get when using the library
toolbar. I need to test this to see if actually will work but wanted
to see if there was an easier way. I also thought of permissions but I
can't find a combination of Contribute but No Read for a particular
library. The users also need to be able to read all other sections of
the site.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Maribel Todd     Answered On: Feb 01

Typically this sort of thing is done by way of 2 lists and an event
handler. The submitters submit to the first list which uses the event
handler. The handler then moves the item from the first list to a
second list where the submitters have no access. A variation on this
can be done with a workflow (done via SPD so no custom code) where you
use permissions  or approval state on the 1st list to limit access  to
your submitters to only read  their own items, and a workflow run by a
more privileged admin-type to move the item to the second list.

The reason for this is what you describe is not really secure - since
there is no such thing as "write-only" permissions in SharePoint, a
clever submitter can access the list by URL and see all the items.

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