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upload and attach documents from web-folders. (Network places)

  Asked By: Jered    Date: Mar 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1153

A lot of my users are using private documents on mysite as their personal document storage.
When they want to upload a document, or attach a document on a wss site, they use "upload" and navigates then to the private documents web folder (In my network places).

When they select a document/file and click ok, a path to the local temporary internet directory is returned to upload.aspx - example:

C:\Documents and Settings\Rene\Lokale indstillinger\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GH6FOX6F\article[1]
Note that [1] is added to the filename and worse: the fileextension is missing = the file is useless for end users.

For those who has enabled "show known fileextensions" on their windowsclient the extension is added:
C:\Documents and Settings\Rene\Lokale indstillinger\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GH6FOX6F\article[1].doc

We are aware that we can mount a dedicated driveletter to private documents, but as our users can access our portal from outside and from different personal computers, we cannot rely on this all the time - And what if a user wants to upload a file that resides on another wss-site and not private documents?? Furthermore is there some advantages in learning users using webfolders instead of drives. (feedback on opening, extended descriptions of folders in explorer etc.). This seems to be a bad exeption that gives great trouble for our users.
We also know that users can use explorer, but this is a unknown environment for most of our users.. And it does not solve the problem with attaching files from a web-folder to list items.

Is "upload" only good for locally stored files / network drives?...
I have made a lot of google searching on this topic - no luck. Any good solutions/tips/tricks/experiences to share?.



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