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Upgrade from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007

  Asked By: Dario    Date: Apr 24    Category: MOSS    Views: 2368

Can any one of you point to me to some material regrading upgrades from SPS 2003
and MOSS 2007 and what are the issues i could face.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Cristopher Gould     Answered On: Apr 24

Microsoft offers a few resources:


Check under "Solutions and Scenarios". There's an upgrade  whitepaper
from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007, and a few useful Visio diagrams. There's
also a wealth of blogs and such that cover this topic.

Answer #2    Answered By: Selena Glenn     Answered On: Apr 24

I've replied to this 3 times and the message has not been posted. I
wonder who is blocking the post and why?

Answer #3    Answered By: Jonathon Palmer     Answered On: Apr 24

To answer your question directly, we monitor new members to ensure they
don't post spam or solicitations and sometimes, the YahooGroups filter
blocks a legitimate email, thinking it is spam. I've just gone in and
cleaned out all of the pending emails and rejected one solicitation
emails. You should see your posts now.

Answer #4    Answered By: Aastha Patel     Answered On: Apr 24

I was a little confused because my posts generally show up

Answer #5    Answered By: Akshay Gupta     Answered On: Apr 24

I'm not sure of the current literatures, but MindSharp does have an
update course that you may want to consider taking.

The upgrade  procedure is reasonably straight forward once you know what
you're doing, but support from MS has been pretty poor with respect to
SPS 2003 -> MOSS 2007 upgrades.

By default, MOSS has 2 upgrade procedures: In-Place and Gradual.

The MOSS 2007 Admin Companion by Bill English (published by MS Press)
does, somewhat, cover this.

The In-Place upgrade will upgrade your entire SPS 2003 installation to
MOSS 2007 all at once.

The Gradual Upgrade will allow you to slowly move site collections over
to the new MOSS instance one at a time. Then it allows you to finalize
and uninstall SPS 2003...

The preferred method of upgrade is the undocumented "DB Attachment"
method. In this case you basically detach the SPS 2003 server from it's
databases, create a dummy web application in MOSS 2007, delete the 2007
dummy app's SITE DB, and, using STSADM, you then attach the SPS 2003
SITE DB (that you didn't delete when you detached it from SPS 2003) and
it automatically upgrades it to MOSS 2007.

My notes on the BD Attachment are:

"What happens with this form of upgrade is that you install MOSS 2007 as
if you were creating a new installation, but on the same server as your
existing SPS 2003 installation. You then, in 2007, create a new SSP and
an additional web application, but with a dummy database. You then
delete the database, but not the web application, and manually attach
the SPS 2003 SITEDB to the MOSS 2007 web application using STSADM.
During the process of attaching the old SITEDB it is upgraded to MOSS
2007. The big advantage of this is that you end up with MySite hosted
on the web application for initial SSP creation, and the old site on the
new web application. Then you just fire up the services browser, STOP
all of the sharepoint and IIS services, uninstall SPS 2003, delete any
unused DBs, reboot, change the upgraded web application to use Port 80
in IIS, issue an IISRESET, and then go to Central Admin > Operations >
Alternate Access Mapping and change the site to the main URL (e.g.
http://<MOSS Server>:80)."

Some things that you should do prior to upgrading (pressing the button):

1) You should download a copy of REGHOST.NET and run that on your
SPS 2003 server. This will reghost all of the unghosted pages, which
will then upgrade properly.

2) If you have any custom webparts, you need to ensure they are
supported in MOSS 2007. If you can upgrade them to a version supported
by both, great. Otherwise, you'll need to uninstall them...

3) You should backup all of the databases, probably using the
built-in SPS 2003 backup application. Then restore SPS 2003 using the
same tool to a test server in your environment.

Once you do upgrade, there are some things that may need to be done:

1) I've noted that the upgrade site collections tend to be their
own stand-alone sites. This affects the ability to apply a Master Page
template to the entire MOSS 2007 setup. So you may need to use the
STSADM commands to export the upgraded sites, and then import them to a
new location (we used the SiteDirectory for all old and new sites) that
is under the top-level site.

2) Review your groups and permissions, since MOSS 2007 has
different permissions on all new sites (non-upgraded ones)

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