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Unpublished page appears in search results for a Restrictive Reader

  Asked By: Coty    Date: Apr 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2131

Has anyone experienced a problem similar to this.


- Collaboration Publishing Portal (no workflow)
- Custom Content Types
- Custom Publishing Pages based on new Content Types
- Variations (Multi-lingual / region)
- English US
- English Canada
- French Canada
- User Permissions:
- Restricted Reader (root) & (en-us) sites

Current Behavior:

When I create a new publishing page and save it as a draft,
essentially have not published the page; the page is returned in the
search results set while access to the page is denied after the user
is prompted to login when the user clicks on the link. In addition,
there is a Content Query Web Part configured on a separate page to
look in the /site collection/en-us/pages directory for pages of this
content type. Published pages show up as expected and unpublished
pages do not show up.

Expected behavior:

I'd expect that SharePoint would not return a page in a search result
set to a user if the page was not published and the user had
restrictive permissions to prevent such an event to occur.

Here's some environment background details.

- Internet facing (https)
- ASP.NET Forms based Authentication (Implemented following the steps
Andrew Connell provided here:
www.andrewconnell.com/.../4953.aspx the
only exception was we are not able to have Anonymous Access turned
- Windows Authentication not accessible via http or https over the
internet; intranet only.
- Server 1 - MOSS (all components)
- Server 2 - SQL 2005

If anyone has some ideas as to why this is taking place or can
suggest some additional reading materials on customizing a
permissions role that would yield the expected results I'd greatly
appreciate it.



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