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Unique Customization for multiple portal

  Asked By: Stacey    Date: Oct 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 953

We currently have multiple SPS portal (running on different servers)
that we are trying to merge together under a single portal. The
challenge is to save all customization done at the Home Portal from all
these different portals when they are merged together. (We have
branding, css style sheets, naviagations, etc. that are unique and
different for each portal).

The reason for merging all portal is to have a single search engine
that can look up data from all portals.

1. Is it even possible to accomplish this feast ? I know you can use
template and WSS Site customization, but I have never seen any mention
of customizing the Home Portal without impacting all portals under the
same 60 hive. (i.e, default.aspx in SPS folder).
2. I'm looking into Share Services. Would this give me that ability to
search multiple portals on different servers ?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Laura Walker     Answered On: Oct 08

I would definitely investigate Shared Services first as opposed to moving portals  while trying to maintain portal  customizations. Here is a resource that you may find helpful:


Answer #2    Answered By: Keenan Whitehead     Answered On: Oct 08

I have just recently turned on shared services  and it does everything you are asking. I first re-created my environment on a virtual server and then tested turning on shared services. Once I was convinced that it was working as expected, I made a backup of my production servers  and then turned on shared services in production.

Answer #3    Answered By: Gopal Jamakhandi     Answered On: Oct 08

If you are going to need Shared Services, turn them on as early in the
SPS 2003 process as possible. It is a lot of work if you need to move to
them after you already have a ton of My Sites and search  indexes built.

Also, SharePoint 2007 changes the paradigm for Shared Services. So,
understand how 2003 will migrate to 2007 to best position your farm for

Answer #4    Answered By: Dameon Dejesus     Answered On: Oct 08

Echo from WinAppTechnology may be helpful. It will allow you to shift content
and configuration around. The broader problem would be something that changes
based on how the customizations were done...

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