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Unghosted Migration v2 to v3

  Asked By: Shauna    Date: Jul 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1224

Just answered this question and thought I would share my answer here:

How do unghosted pages in WSS v2 impact migration to WSS v3?

Briefly, when a WSS site is created, each page instance is represented
as a row in a Content database table called DOCS. When first created,
the content column for each row is null indicating to WSS that the
actual page to use can be found on the file system. So, the uncustomized
version of the page is not really in the database, that's why they call
it a "ghosted" page. It isn't really there so it is like a ghost.
However, when someone customizes the instance page, a snapshot of the
underlying filesystem-based direct-mode page is stored in the content
column for the row in the DOCS table. This page is really there and
therefore no longer a ghost. This page is referred to as unghosted. It
goes thru a proprietary safe-mode parser to ensure that the end-user
hasn't added any unsafe content like in-line script.

In WSS v2, an unghosted page is a snapshot of the entire page and as
such appears unaltered when changes are made to the filesystem-based
direct-mode page upon which it is based. In other words, there is a loss
of functionality similar to that of master pages in ASP.NET 2.0.

In WSS v3, an unghosted page is a snapshot of the filesystem-based
Template page (the replacement for the filesystem-based direct-mode
page) which is based upon an ASP.NET 2.0 Master Page. As long as the
Master Page itself is not unghosted (called customized in WSS v3), all
pages, uncustomized and customized, will reflect changes made to the
Master Page.

When you migrate from WSS v2 to WSS v3, the customized snapshot of the
v2 page is stored in the database which doesn't point to the v3 Master
Page. So, unghosted pages that are upgraded will continue to look
exactly like the page that was captured in v2 including the lack of
significant v3 features like: Site Actions menu, security trimming of
links, Quick Launch treeview, Recycle Bin link, v3 look and feel, links
to v3 administration pages, etc.



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