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Unable to attach existing content database after restore.

  Asked By: Lucas    Date: May 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2554

I am fairly new to all this, and I have come up against a
serious issue and I am hoping someone can help. Over the weekend I
upgraded to the sp1's for wss 3.0 and moss. It took forever to
finally get things stable, and now we are trying to reattach the
725mb content database to the virtual server. The database was not
associated with the restore, as the CA backup never did complete, so
I backed up the database using sql 2005. Once I got the virtual
server back up, I went to the content database area under
applications on CA and there was no content database associated. So
I figured if I just added a new one and called it the same
name "Wss_Content" that it would point it to the the database. It
said it needed to be a blank database. So we detached the db from
sql, and then created a new one with the same name using sql
analyzer, then added it to the vs and then reattached the database to
sql. But when I go and look at the content database it says 0 sites
vs the 15 that I know I have on there. I restarted the server,
remotely, and now it seems to be stuck, so I have to call my network
guys to see if they can get the server back online.

I was going to attempt an stsadmin -o upgrade -force -inplace

will that reassocaite my sites with the correct content db? I am
desperate for help here. I backed up and everything thinking I was
doing things the right way and now it's just broken!

I did read somewhere that even if I did have a CA backup that
upgrading a database that was created in wss to wss sp1 wouldn't have
worked anyway as sql has to do something as well, and that is where
the force will come in?

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I am not a programmer or dba, so
I am tapping my old boss for help... All weekend long! And we feel
like we are soo close, all we need to do is make the connection
between the VS and the content database, but at a loss here.



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