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"Turn on more accessible mode" in every page in MOSS

  Asked By: Ciera    Date: Aug 03    Category: MOSS    Views: 3939

If you see the code (page/view source) in every page made by MOSS, it has a javascript saying :

"Turn on more accessible mode"

It doesn't appear, but with a little tweakingI was able to turn it on .
It has some interesting behavior, but I wonder if there is some more information about it.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Alycia Everett     Answered On: Aug 03

This mode  can be enabled by the user by by Tabbing into the browser window.

See my posting on Moss Accessibility for more information:
Extract posted below:

More accessible  Mode in MOSS 2007

On an MOSS 2007 technologies-based site, most user interface (UI) elements, such as links, form controls, and buttons, are designed to use Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA). MSAA enables people with disabilities to interact with content by using assistive technologies such as screen readers, which are devices that provide a synthesized speech or Braille description of what a blind or low-vision user is unable to see on a computer screen or Web site. Proper MSAA names are given on all editable controls, links, and buttons.

Because some custom UI elements do not use MSAA properties, the More Accessible mode enable to render custom controls as an equivalent standard HTML controls so that they will be better recognized by AT devices. "More accessible mode" is exposed via the Document Object Model (DOM) so that third parties can create solutions catered to screen reader users.

More Accessible Mode does not enable alternate versions of every UI element. For example, if a custom control has been added to a MOSS 2007 technologies-based site, enabling More Accessible Mode does not automatically create an alternate version of that control.

More Accessible Mode enables the following items to be rendered in a way that optimizes them to work better with AT devices such as screen readers:

Menus - Instead of displaying a drop-down menu of options for files in a document library, a new browser window is opened that contains all of the menu items as hyperlinks. This format is easier for AT devices to interpret. At the same time, the user is informed that a new window will open if he clicks on the menu link; the TITLE attribute contains the Open menu terminology.
Optimized fields - Some fields are difficult for accessibility tools to interpret. When More Accessible Mode is enabled, these fields are replaced with fields that are optimized for accessibility tools. For example, some WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 lists support enhanced text fields that enable users to add formatted text, images, tables, and hyperlinks. Because of the way these fields are rendered in a browser, some accessibility tools cannot read them. When More Accessible Mode is enabled, such fields are replaced with standard plain text fields that are compliant with accessibility tools.

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