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Try to create a custom edit form aspx for my custom task list

  Asked By: Bhavani    Date: Dec 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 5150

I create a custom task list with a custom content type and it works fine. All
the new created columns show correctedly in the new/edit/display forms
associated with this list.
Now I try to replace the default edit form aspx with a custom one.

I used Sharepoint Designer and did the follwing
-Create a new ASPX page
-Insert Sharepoint Control
-Choose Custom List Form...
-Pick my custom task list and the content type.

But after this, nothing happened. I mean no code(columns of fields)has been
Another strange thing is when I open the default edit form aspx for my custom
task list, it only shows three genric columns with names such as Name1, Name2,
etc. It is totally different from when I run this edit form from IE or
Firefox(in which all the columns shown as I expected).
Please let me know why this happened? What might I miss?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Winston Ayers     Answered On: Dec 06

The best practice in this situation is to copy the existing
EditForm.aspx to create  the new editform.aspx. Then, just rename the
copy to "customeditform" or whatever. Then, edit  that form  and hide the
existing web part that contains the form (right click on the web part,
web part properties and hid it).

Then, in that same web part zone, insert your new custom  form just like
you did below. Just look in the code and make sure that your new web
part is within the same <webpartzone> as the original one that you are