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How to track all outgoing email from SharePoint

  Asked By: Arnold    Date: Jul 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3653

Our company wants to keep a record of all outgoing email that our
SharePoint site(s) send out. Ideally would like if we could store an
copy of each email sent out in some location, perhaps a doc library
per site. There are some hurdles that we must overcome in this task.

1. emails from SharePoint could come from various sources, eg.
SharePoint Alerts, Custom workflows, Other SharePoint administrative
screens, and any other custom code that might send out an email. We
would want to track all of this.

2. Storing a copy of each email inside the SharePoint site could
cause management issues for us in terms of backup and restore since
our disk requirements would increase (dramatically?)

3. We need a consistent way of detecting which SharePoint site the
email originated from. In the case of Alerts, we can identify the
site from the display name of sender since SharePoint populates this
in the message. This may not always be the case with emails
generated via workflows. Is there another way to detect the site of
where the email is originating?

If anyone has any advice on this matter, feel free to share it with



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