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Tracing login attempts for LDAP Authentication with Forms Based--MOSS

  Asked By: Nirmal    Date: Mar 01    Category: MOSS    Views: 13822

Basically our client is using forms based authentication with LDAP to Novell
Essentially, it is taking a long time for the authentication to occur..at least
it is for the first attempt. There is caching (for about 30 minutes) that allows
for quicker subsequent log attempts.
Is there any way to trace in the SP logs where the attempt occurs?
Not seeing anything specific in the SP logs.
Have already tried to modified the LDAP query in web.config and dont think more
can actually be done to it..but here it is in case anyone has any ideas.
<membership defaultProvider="LdapMemberships">
<add name="LdapMemberships"
erver, Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=71E9BCE111E9429C"
server="fully.qualified.server.name" port="389" useSSL="false"
userDNAttribute="uniqueID" userNameAttribute="uid" userContainer="o=topoftree"
userObjectClass="person" useDNAttribute="false"
userFilter="(ObjectClass=person)" scope="Subtree" />
<roleManager defaultProvider="LdapRole" enabled="true"
cacheRolesInCookie="false" cookieName=".PeopleDCRole">
<remove name="LdapRole" />
<add name="LdapRole"
Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=71E9BCE111E9429C"
server="fully.qualified.server.name" port="389" useSSL="false"
groupContainer="o=topoftree" groupNameAttribute="cn"
groupMemberAttribute="uniqueMember" userNameAttribute="uid" dnAttribute="dn"
groupFilter="(ObjectClass=group)" scope="Subtree" useUserDNAttribute="false" />

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas..but mainly where can we watch the
transaction between SP and the Novell Server..?
Also in which logs would we see any information?



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