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How To: Make ID Field of List a Primary Key When Linked to an Acces

  Asked By: Nicholas    Date: Oct 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3580

I'm trying to help make it easy for end-users to use SharePoint and
Access together. By using the techniques in


I've been able to programmatically link a table in Access to a
SharePoint list - but that's not exactly what's needed. The problem
is that an Access table linked to a List has no field set as a
Primary Key. There is an ID field that is added to a custom tha is
an AutoNumber field, but not a Primary Key. Because the Access table
is linked, users can't go into the Access table's Design Mode and set
that - and have the changes saved.

I had hoped that creating an Access table with the same fields as the
List, except with the ID field already set as a Primary Key - and
then linking the two - would do the trick, but it's not. Linking to
a List seems to always generate a new table - the new table's name is
the same as the one specified, but with a numeric suffix added.

Anyone have any insights into how to get SharePoint to make a linked
Access table have the ID field be a Primary Key? Or for that matter,
any idea how to manually (or better, programmatically) edit the
properties of a field in a linked Access table?



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