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Thoughts on the approval process and custom workflows appreciated

  Asked By: Jacques    Date: Sep 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1557

I have a problem that may or may not have a solution and am looking for
ideas from the community.

Here's the scenario. We have a document control library we are
migrating most of our policy and procedures into. The libraries have
versioning and approval turned on. When a document is moved into the
library or a revision is submitted we start the basic approval workflow.
Here is the problem. While wanting users to be able to approve the
workflow we don't want to allow them to make any changes to the
document, simply approve or reject the workflow item. As of now we
simply put them into a group with approval rights and move them out
after the workflow is complete, but as you might guess during this time
they can modify that or any other document in the library and approve
versions within the library.

Does anyone know of a way to create a group that can only modify\approve
workflows and not the documents themselves? Does this sound like
something that should be instituted during a custom workflow (turning
off rights when it reaches an approver and turning them off once their
actions is completed?

Also, and along the same lines, after creating a custom workflow and
assigning it to a document, unlike the standard approval workflow that
can be used against the same document multiple times, the custom
workflow option isn't available after using it once, simply not an
option on the same document. Is there a way to allow a custom workflow
to be used assigned repeatedly to the same document?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Candis Kinney     Answered On: Sep 29

First of all, regarding permissions, check this out:

I have some custom  workflows, where I use these custom activities to
apply certain permissions (even at item  level) at certain points in
the workflow.

I agree that it would be nice if workflows  in SharePoint were
functional when the user doesn't have edit rights  to the file. That
problem has been very frustrating to me in a current project.

Regarding your question about the custom workflow  not being available
after it has been run... that hasn't ever been a problem  for me. I
have a couple of custom (sp designer) workflows that are set to run
as "manual", and are always available after they have been run. Does
your workflow show as still being "in process"? If so, then you're
right, it wouldn't be available again until the workflow has

When creating  workflows, be sure to have a finite end to the
workflow. So, after the activity has happened, put  a "STOP" in
there. Also, create  an "if else", and put a STOP in there also.
That way, whatever action is taken or not taken, the workflow still
knows to STOP, and not run indefinitely.