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Is there a way to find the old upgrade timer job and delete it manually so I can start the upgr

  Asked By: Jeramy    Date: Oct 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 8647

Here is some more information regarding my Project Server upgrade

At least my other sites work - it was an unrelated problem thankfully.

I still can't run the sharepoint configuration manager because "an
upgrade is already in progress"

I was wondering if there was a way to just restore the farm config
database without breaking new sites that have been created since the
last farm config backup.

Would this clear the "upgrade in progress" information and allow me to
start all over?

This is the output from the log when I force another upgrade:

[SPManager] [INFO] [3/14/2007 10:22:46 AM]: Upgrade Boot Strap finishes.
0 errors and 0 warnings encountered.

[SPManager] [INFO] [3/14/2007 10:22:46 AM]: psconfig: Successfully
bootstrapped the upgrade sequence by calling SPManager.Initialized()

[SPManager] [DEBUG] [3/14/2007 10:22:46 AM]: Logging enabled Wednesday,
March 14, 2007 at 10:22:46 AM.

[SPManager] [INFO] [3/14/2007 10:22:46 AM]: psconfig: Setting the
upgrade mode to inplace

[SPManager] [INFO] [3/14/2007 10:22:46 AM]: psconfig: Spawing off the
upgrade job

[SPManager] [DEBUG] [3/14/2007 10:22:46 AM]: Creating exclusive upgrade
reg key

[SPManager] [DEBUG] [3/14/2007 10:22:46 AM]: Deleting existing upgrade
timer job because an exclusive job is about to be created.

[SPManager] [DEBUG] [3/14/2007 10:22:47 AM]: SyncUpgradeTimerJob:
sleeping for 10 seconds


[SPManager] [DEBUG] [3/14/2007 11:39:44 AM]: SyncUpgradeTimerJob:
sleeping for 10 seconds

Is there a way to find the old upgrade timer job and delete it manually
so I can start the upgrade over?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Constance Guerrero     Answered On: Oct 02

Normally all the timer  jobs that get created  can be deleted.
I haven't done the Project Server 2007 upgrade  yet but will be shortly as a
test. However if it is created as a normal job  in MOSS then you will need to
access the Operations Page in Central Admin, then the global configuration
and select the Timer Job Definitions option. The upgrade process should be
listed and you can then click on it and choose delete.

Answer #2    Answered By: Chandrabhan Konwar     Answered On: Oct 02

I did find  the Upgrade job  in Central Admin but removing it didn't fix
the problem  of Upgrade hanging

Google "SyncUpgradeTimerJob" - Nobody seems to have discovered a
solution, I'm doing a rebuild currently. It'll be good practice for
migrating content databases