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"Template" not quite working

  Date: May 30    Category: MOSS    Views: 522

I'm a very novice Sharepoint user, and have run into what is probably a very
simple problem. Hoping someone can advise me.

In order to make all the pages on one of my sites look consistent, I created
a "template.htm file that includes the banner, phone number, and hyperlink
buttons that I want to appear on every page. On every subsequent page, I
first insert this templat.htm file, then design the page below it as needed.

This has worked well, with one exception. The phone number shows up in
different fonts from page to page. The banner and hyperlink buttons all show
the same way, and the butons all work fine, but the phone number shows up in
various different fonts, instead of the font used on the template.htm.

Any ideas?



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: May 30    

Its probably due to inconsistent CSS between the pages. But the right way
to do it would be to make use of a custom master page rather than a
template.htm page.


Answer #2    Answered On: May 30    

Looked at the link you sent and realized I have no business
designing web pages lol! That is SO far above my head I can't even see
the vapor trails! Going to do it the archaic way - design one page as a
template, then rename it to whatever page I need and design below the

Answer #3    Answered On: May 30    

Do you have a development server?

Answer #4    Answered On: May 30    

No, I only have the live server. I do okay for basic pages, but
much beyond that I get lost very easily! Fortunately, the pages I have
to work on are pretty simple!

Answer #5    Answered On: May 30    

I can foresee that your project is not going to end pretty.

You should never be coding on your live site.

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