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Template "De-link" and Missing Colunms in View issues in SharePoint

  Date: Oct 14    Category: MOSS    Views: 1035

We have a SharePoint 2007 Form Library consisting of one content type. The
library is managed with a single published InfoPath eForm template, and there
are a bit more than 700 user-created documents in the library. This library
grows at a rate of 1 to 2 entries a day. Users have several views available to
see their data in this library.

The InfoPath eForm is supported by several SharePoint-resident lists which the
eForm employs as simple drop-down lists. The largest of these lists contains 563
line items. This list may grow at a rate of 1 or 2 entries a week. Occasionally
some items are deleted, but not often. The other lists are essentially static
(no growth, or extremely limited growth).

The InfoPath template loads properly when you click on the "New" menu at the top
of the list, and lets users create new documents in the library. For updating
the list, the template loads (and is correctly populated with list data) when
you click on a document item's name in the library, or activate the name's
drop-down command list and choose to "Edit in Microsoft Office InfoPath". All
works as it is supposed to work.

There are 92 data fields in the library schema, all published when the eForm was
published into the library. As you would expect, some fields contain
user-provided data, some are calculated fields based upon user input, some are
used in controlling which part(s) of the eForm are displayed, and there are a
few that are generated by SharePoint itself (ID, Edit (link to edit item), file
size, etc.).

This system has been in operation for 18 month now without issue, until last
weekend. On Monday users reported all their views were terribly skewed (changed
in a major way). They were right… ALL the views were missing most of the
columns we'd defined months earlier. After rebuilding one of the views we
discovered to our dismay that data for more than 600 of the 700+ entries
appeared to be missing (though the document name was still present in all
cases). Experimentation revealed we could repopulate the missing list items by
double-clicking the document name to start InfoPath, which would populate with
the "missing" data, then simply save (by clicking the save icon) the data back
to the SharePoint list. A short while later we learned we could use the "Relink
Document" SharePoint-supplied view to relink all the documents back to the
InfoPath template, and all was well, and has been well, since then.

So here's the question – what may have caused the document template to "de-link"
in the first place? All interested parties here claim innocence. The hardware
people did nothing to the server. The SharePoint administrator powered-down the
server in order to clone the drive (we agree this should not be destructive) and
restarted it later. No service packs or Microsoft security patches have been
applied to the server recently. The InfoPath eForm was republished a couple of
times since it was put into production, but the republishing was well over a
year ago.

All was fine at close of business Friday evening. Nothing was fine on Monday
morning. Obviously something triggered this event, but at this point we have no
clue as to what, how, or why. Has anyone experienced anything even slightly
similar to this?



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Answer #1    Answered On: Oct 14    

This is a shot in the dark, but it could have been that the reboot did
not start all of the services correctly. I wonder did you try a reboot
when you noticed the problems?