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  Asked By: Eliezer    Date: Nov 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1495

List Templates and Site Templates are explained like they are just
supposed to work, and, of course, they don't

I've click on Save Site as Template and it saves as a CoolSite.stp
file on my harddrive. Then I go to the portal home site and click
on Site Settings | Manage Security and Additional Settings and then
in the Templates and Web Parts section, I click on Manage Site
Template Gallery. I get the site template gallery and I click on
Upload Template and I select the CoolSite.stp template and I upload
it and there it sits, in the gallery and everyting. In fact, the
page says:

Make a template available for use in Web site creation by adding it
to this gallery. The templates in this gallery are available to this
site and all sites under it. Default site templates are not shown.

Then I go to create a new site and when it goes to the Template
Selection and Cool Site is not there.

I do the same with a list. I save it to my harddrive and then
upload it. Then I go to create a new list and the template is not
an option.

What do I have to do? I hate it when the documentation tells you
how to do something and never hints that it might not an dif not
what the deal might be.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jasper Hatfield     Answered On: Nov 16

Galleries are available at multiple levels.
If you imported a template  at a site  level, it would be available when creating
any subsite to that
site but not for a top-level site. You would need the template placed in the
server gallery  to
create a top-level site with that template. I do not have a server available
right now to give you
the exact admin link, but explore the manage galleries  link.

Answer #2    Answered By: Rashawn Hopper     Answered On: Nov 16

The templates  are visable in my home site  gallery. Like I said,
from the homepage, I go into Site Settings and then it's General
Settings and then Manage Site template  Gallery and there's the

How else is one supposed to create  a site?

Sure would be nice to see this work. Same goes for list  templates.

Answer #3    Answered By: Horace Coffey     Answered On: Nov 16

I believe the first answer posted is correct; there is a confusing
scoping issue with regard to templates. Even though it may show in
your gallery, at the time you go to instantiate a site/list the
system will only allow you to create  ones that match your context
within the hierarchy.

I have only worked with list  templates so far, but I had the same
issue. It makes no sense to me why a calendar list template  would be
mapped permanently to top-level vs. sub area, for instance. It would
seem pretty self-contained and I'd like to be able to create it all
over the place (imagine you've got a standard doc library to use all
over the enterprise)

Does anyone have a workaround to allow this sort of thing?

Answer #4    Answered By: Rigoberto Beard     Answered On: Nov 16

Custom List Templates will only be available on sites  where the Site
Definition ID and the LCID (like 1033) are the same as the site  where
the template  was saved.

There are two locations for Custom Site Templates:
-Virtual Server Template Gallery which is scoped for all existing Site
Collections in a Virtual Server and new Top Level Sites. This is managed
in SharePoint Central Administration
-Site Collection Site Template Gallery which is scoped for child sites
in the Site Collection that contains the STP. This is managed in the Top
Level Sites Site Administration.

I've not researched how SPS may work  differently due to bucket webbing.
The SPS interfaces wants you to ONLY create  new Top Level sites from the
Sites Directory Area. So, you may need to use the Virtual Server
Template Gallery to effectively use Custom Site Templates in a portal.

Answer #5    Answered By: Alphonso Mckay     Answered On: Nov 16

Where would I find the Virtual Server Template Gallery?

Answer #6    Answered By: Darrel Sexton     Answered On: Nov 16

Modify Shared Page > Add Web Parts > Browse

Third Gallery down...

Answer #7    Answered By: Tory Sellers     Answered On: Nov 16

Okay, I see the "Virtual Server Gallery" but there's never anything
in it. I've obviously created the teamplate because it won't let me
create it again.

I'm just not following any of this about how to use it.

You say: Custom List Templates will only be available on Sites where
the site  Definition ID and the LCID (like 1033) are the same as the
Site where the template  was saved.

Okay, so I get that a site might have a "Site Definition ID" but I
don't know how to get\set it. And I get the part now about the LCID
although I don't know what LCID stands for and I really only
recognize it as a folder under my web  Service Extension folder so I
don't really know what makes it an LCID.

So if the template was saved in a portal  Area, then I should be able
to use it anywhere the portal area's site definition id and LCID
matches and it should appear in the Virtual Server Gallery, which
like I said is always empty" or the Site Collection Site Template
gallery which I can't find.

And then, I've got to worry about "bucket webbing"

Why can't I just save  the template as an STP, upload it to a gallery
and then use it?

Is my frustration unjustified?

Answer #8    Answered By: Agustin Miranda     Answered On: Nov 16

Did you try adding  the template  using stsadm? That should get the
template listed in your gallery.

After you do that, then browse to the site  that you tried to create  -
http://servername/sites/sitename. It should then prompt you to choose a
template, including the custom one you've created.

Answer #9    Answered By: Arron Middleton     Answered On: Nov 16

Does this go like this:

stsadm.exe -o addtemplate -filename -title -description

I presume this is executed from a command prompt on the front end
web server and then an IISRESET is required?

Answer #10    Answered By: Vance Hardin     Answered On: Nov 16

After the -filename, put the actual filename, with directory
path, all in quotation marks. You would do the same thing after the
title and description. So it would look like the following.

STSADM.exe -o addtemplate -filename "c:\TemplateFilename.stp" -title
"Template Title" -description "a description for the template"

Everything else you said was right.

Answer #11    Answered By: Kareem Flynn     Answered On: Nov 16

I see people gave you the STSADM command. However, if you have deployed
the DLL to the /bin directory or to the GAC you can simply copy the DLL
into the /wpcatalog directory to manually add the Web Part to the
Virtual Server gallery.

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