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Tasks and Tools view different for Site Collection Administrators

  Date: May 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 886

A tasks and tools web part added to a layout page displays a list of departments
for an intranet site. The list was originally sorting on ID from the Sites
directory list, and thus was out of alphabetical order. I added an "xsl:sort"
tag to the xsl code of the layout page to sucessfully impose an alpha sort on
the department names of the web part.

However, the alpha sorted display is only appearing for people in the Site
Collection Administrators group for the site! How and why is a TaskandTools web
part being governed by a security right? I've made sure the modified page is
checked in and published. I can't detect any place that security, or different
layout pages, or audiences would be affecting the main display page.

Does anyone know how security inheritance affects a TaskandTools web part within
a layout page?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: May 29    

Make sure the layout page where you added the tag is checked in and approved. If
not, regular users will see thenold version without the sort.

Answer #2    Answered On: May 29    

That answer got me looking at the Manage Content and Structure so
that I could view the layout page and get it updated and approved properly. Now
the sort view is showing up for all users.