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Task/Issues List Questions

  Asked By: Martha    Date: Jan 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1690

We have set up SP so that each department in our company is
recognized as a division. We have people that will be assigned tasks
from different divisions. There will be multiple task and/or issues
list across the divisions and sites that are contained within the

My questions are:
1. How can a single user query and display a single list of all
tasks/issues that have been assigned to them across the entire
portal (ie - all divisions and sites)? The goal is to eliminate the
need to click into each site or to create multiple links to all
task/issue lists to find their tasks. Am I missing built in
functionality at the user level?

2. When creating a task/issue list, I am trying to include a column
that will show "aging" for a task. Specifically, calculating the
number of days that have occurred between the date the task/issue
was entered and the current date. I am not able to figure out a way
to update a "Current Date" custom field each time the task/issue
list is opened. Any thoughts?

3. When a task/issue is first posted, I would like to send the entry
notification email to a group of admin people as well as the person
the task is assigned to. I would also like to notify the same group
of admin people when the task is set to a status of completed. The
admin group would not need to receive the intermediate steps while
the task is being updated through the process. Is there a way to
accomplish this without creating a distribution list of the admin
people? If I created a distribution list I would then have to log in
as that "user" and set up the alerts so they would be notified. And
then, I wouldn't be able to customize the alert to only receive on
new and completed status changes.



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