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Task Acces Denied Error after using a Template and Workflow

  Asked By: Ruchir    Date: Mar 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 972

I have a weird situation, and need all the help i can get. The situation is
as follows:

We made a workflow in SPD, this workflow puts out some tasks to several ppl.
So far so good. This workflow is bound to a list within a site. After this
we made a template of this site and created a new site based on this
template. After doing this we putted rights to this site of all people which
could get tasks assigned to them. If i test this site with the included
workflows everything goes well (since i'm site-collection owner) but when an
another user which is added as full control user of the site tries to go
through the workflow he will see Access Denied at the moment he wants to
complete an task. I found that this problem occurs because the rights on the
workflow folder isnt inherited from what we set at site lvl. This
permissions list is empty

I can fix this problem by doing SPD > Right click on workflow folder >
Properties > Security > Manage Permissions Through Browser > and then
manually add the group again or choose inherit... But i don't want to do
this everytime i use this template...it's gonna be used more then 1000
times....And remaking the template after setting the inheritance isn't

I hope someone knows the solution to this.



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