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How do I synchronize 2 sharepoint servers

  Asked By: Chelsea    Date: May 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2782

Our company have 2 sharepoint servers on 2 different locations,
serverA and serverB.
Some sites on serverA and serverB needs to be synchronized, so when a
user on serverA creates a new doc I want it to replicate/syncronize to
serverB, If a user on serverB creates a new doc it must be replicated
to serverA.

The 2 servers are connected via a VPN tunnel over the internet. 10mbit/s

How do I solve that ??



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Amanda Brown     Answered On: May 28

How are the SharePoint servers  Configured?

If both SharePoint Servers are members of the same SharePoint farm then
Server A and Server B can both be WebFrontEnd servers that access the
same content from your SQL Server Cluster, letting SQL Server worry
about the replication of documents etc..... if you change any content to
the actually site design / structure, then you will need to make changes
to all WebFrontEnd Servers used in that farm.

Alternative to changing your topology you could develop your SharePoint
to use custom c# WebParts/WebServices/WorkFlows to create or update list
items in both sites.

Answer #2    Answered By: Carey Everett     Answered On: May 28

Actually, what you propose isn't a good idea - all servers  in the farm
are expected to be on the same LAN, and some pieces of the underlying
farm architecture depend on things like latency under 1ms which isn't
going to happen on that type of link.

What I would suggest is looking into one of the 3rd party replication
vendor products. There are several MS partners out there that do this
sort of thing.

Answer #3    Answered By: Anuj Lakhe     Answered On: May 28

What about site variations? It sounds like it could be used for this where any
change made to one site is automatically propagated to the variation site.
Anyone try this?

Answer #4    Answered By: Lee Dickerson     Answered On: May 28

No, variations won't help. Variations let you keep sites  within a
site collection in step with each other. The original question was
how to keep sites that are remote from each other (and therefore not
only in different site collections, but in different farms!) in

As the other post said, for that requirement there are third party
solutions. There is also an in-built feature called content
deployment that allows read-only replicas of sites, but it is
limited and quite problematic.

Answer #5    Answered By: Aditiya Kapale     Answered On: May 28

I agree with you...You got my question! But we are not ready to go for
third party tools. so I am using In-built content deployment feature.
Now Test server is getting ready at the remote side, after that I will
test it and do let you know...

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