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Switching from Default URL to Host Headers?

  Asked By: Angelique    Date: Jan 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1398

When our server admin set up our SharePoint environment (WSS
2.0/2003 running on Windows Server 2003 w/two clustered servers on
the backend running MS SQL 2005), he went with the default URL w/in
IIS instead of using host headers. Now we need to set up a
different site on the server w/its own domain. I asked around to
see if anything could be done short of rebuilding the environment
and I received this below. I am green when it comes to this stuff -
I am not doubting the advice I received, just want to get a second
opinion - if you folks think this is a good solution and if not,
what would you suggest?

Solution Received:

Go into SharePoint Central Administration and remove SharePoint
Services from the IIS website - be sure to select NO to delete
content databases - and then open your IIS website that you just
removed SharePoint from and add your new host header. Go back to
SharePoint Central Administration and re-extend SharePoint to that
website selecting your existing content databases. You should be
able to access the SharePoint site using any of the host headers
defined within the IIS site.

With SharePoint v2, the SharePoint configuration database only knows
about the host headers that exist when SharePoint is extended to the
IIS website. SharePoint will not know about any new host headers
added to the IIS site after SharePoint has been extended, which is
why we need to remove and re-extend SharePoint to get the new host
headers to work.



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