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Survey: broken views

  Asked By: Carolyn    Date: Aug 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1351

We've created a survey with three single line of text questions. It's
set up so that users can see and edit their own responses.

The back story: In the past, we've had users confused about the links
appearing below the overview information (default view) that
say "Show a graphical summary of responses" and "Show all responses"
because they've forgotten that the survey is set to show them only
their own. They know their neighbor has done the survey but it looks
like it has only one response (their own) and they think it's broken.

So on this survey, the survey creator tried editing the web part and
selecting a different view (not understanding what the other views
offered). When doing that, one gets this popup: "Switching to a
different view removes changes you have made to this view, and may
disable Web Part connections that depend on columns in this view."

Indeed. You can't switch back. In effect, it eliminates the former
view. There are work-arounds to get the data, but they're not fun.

So my question is, why would MS design the surveys this way? Clearly
this is "by design" enough that there's a warning specific to it. But
it seems like buggy functionality to me. Anyone else have thoughts
about this? I'm thinking it must be because of the graphical display
of results (really the only difference between a survey and an
ordinary list), but I can't quite make the conceptual connection.



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