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Supscription Problem

  Asked By: Abhishek    Date: Oct 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 557

i seem to have a subscription problem which has never occurred before. I can
create subscriptions but I never get any notifications although i definately
changed the doc in question. Mailserver seems to be ok because I get
approval emails (doc workflow) for docs awaiting approval.

Anyone got a clue???



13 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lane Trujillo     Answered On: Oct 20

I have the same problem, could it have anything to do with the Scheduled
tasks in control panel?

Answer #2    Answered By: Rafael Willis     Answered On: Oct 20

If it is an indexed document from an external content source, you may
have to run the indexation process...

Answer #3    Answered By: Richard Davis     Answered On: Oct 20

How do u run the indexation processs

Answer #4    Answered By: Mason Davis     Answered On: Oct 20

Right click on your content source in the management/Content Sources
folder of your workspace.
Then you can choose between incremental or full index.
If you want to schedule it, right click on your content source,
properties, and then "Schedule Updates" tab. There you can schedule
index buildings.

Answer #5    Answered By: Savannah Pena     Answered On: Oct 20

i have an astounding problem  with the supscription notification. I get no
email messages for document changes (meaning checking and out) but i get it
for discussions, something of which I thought would never work. I guess the
latter works because I enabled discussion crawling on the server. But i do
not get the other problem solved. The scheduled tasks for the application
crawl and the supscription crawl are ok.

Answer #6    Answered By: Upendra Bordoloi     Answered On: Oct 20

You should only get notifications  on documents when it gets indexed. For
a document in an enhanced folder, that would mean only on publish. A
document in a standard folder would get indexed on the save. A
discussion would/should act like a document in a standard folder.

Is this not what you are seeing?

Answer #7    Answered By: Karrie Wooten     Answered On: Oct 20

That is strange. Do you get a notification in the subscription  web part
at all?

Answer #8    Answered By: Alan West     Answered On: Oct 20

Has notification ever work or just stopped? Do you only have one SPS
box? If you have more than one are other boxes working correctly? Not
sure what would be causing this. Also, are we talking about intranet vrs
extranet. Have you tried the repair? Other than that , I am not sure
what is going on.

Answer #9    Answered By: Maribel Todd     Answered On: Oct 20

I have not loss any data and have done many repairs. I would get a
backup before I repair anything that you want to keep.

Answer #10    Answered By: Akshara Negalur     Answered On: Oct 20

>>For a document in an enhanced folder, that would mean only on publish.

Have checked out and published Docs over and over. Nothing happened. Have
also run the scheduled tasks afterwards no go.

>>A discussion would/should act like a document in a standard folder.

As soon as I add a discussion item for the same doc  I get a notification.

Answer #11    Answered By: Timothy Davis     Answered On: Oct 20

Nope, i only get it for the discussions.

Answer #12    Answered By: Adya Deshmane     Answered On: Oct 20

We had to have it implemented anew afterwards it wasn`t workin anymore. Just
one box in the intranet. Havent tried the repair. Can this cause any
dataloss etc.

Repair has never worked before but will maybe try

Answer #13    Answered By: Siobhan Waller     Answered On: Oct 20

have used the repairmode but it didn't do anything.

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