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Subscribing to search with Advanced search web part

  Asked By: Diamond    Date: Sep 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 874

Has anyone else experienced "error on page" when trying to subscribe to a
search when you have the Advanced Search web part (the one that allows for
Logical OR, Logical AND, Boolean and Phrase selection)?

The web part I use is called "EnterpriseSearch_Advanced".

The actual error is:

Error: 'document.forms.publishing_SubscribeSearchForm' is null or not an

the Search Summary web part lists:
<A id=""id_subscribeToThisSearchLink"" href=""javascript:document.forms['" &
g_strSubscribeSearchFormId & "'].submit();"">" &
L_SearchSummarySubscribe_TEXT & "</A>"

so I can only assume that g_strSubscribeSearchFormId is the piece that's
resolving to the publishing_SubscribeSearchForm, and maybe that doesn't
exist with this new Advanced web part.

Normal subscriptions work fine, ie, the 'subscribe' link on a folder or
file. I'm SPPS SP1.

Since this web part uses two different .js function files, maybe it's in
there? I just don't think so because I did a grep for what I'm looking for
and it wasn't listed that I could find.

Someone knows more about this and can help? I'm training users soon and
wanted to include the "subscribe to a search" piece but didn't want to get
rid of the advanced web part due to it's "AND"-ness.



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