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  Asked By: Freddie    Date: Aug 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1567

I need to incorporate a very simple html form into my Sharepoint portal. All it
does is collect some data from the user and emails that info to a specific
account (not necessarily hooked into our Active Directory).

What I've seen so far is I could do one of the following. Are their other
approaches? What is the best way?

(1) Create the form via a webpart (con - code looks a little tedious: htmltable
tbl = new htmltable();, htmlrow row = new htmlrow();, etc)
(2) Create a user control (pro - easy and straight forward, con - I need to
create a specific page layout just for this case where I need to use it, right?)

(3) Use InfoPath (never used it but I think it might have the capabilities I'm
looking for. we can't assume user will have an email client)

(4) Others?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Trevor Davis     Answered On: Aug 10

Two other alternatives.

With #2 once you've got the user  control you can embed that inside a webpart.
This makes it easier to use on a page.

(4) Create a custom page  that you put somewhere on the site, probably under
_Layouts. The issue here is it's a little harder to use a code  behind sheet so
you have to instantiate the code behind as a full class and inherit your page
from it.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kristie Hardy     Answered On: Aug 10

It's easier and straight forward  to do this with InfoPath. You can evevn email
the form  to a form library if you want. If the user  does not have InfoPath you
may use browser enabled form to view using any browser.

Answer #3    Answered By: Shayla Mcbride     Answered On: Aug 10

The one potential problem would be if you don’t have MOSS Enterprise edition.
MOSS standard and WSS don’t include InfoPath Forms server so you couldn’t do
InfoPath with just a Web browser. Without it the user  would need the InfoPath

Answer #4    Answered By: Jarvis Rowe     Answered On: Aug 10

I do have MOSS.

But can I embed the form  onto a page  in my publishing portal  or does
the info  path form always launch a new browser window (like if it
were opening a word doc)?

Answer #5    Answered By: Christian Waters     Answered On: Aug 10

I guess it depends upon the kind of data  that you are looking to get
the user  to input. if they need to have any 'intelligence' in the way
the data gets processed, and also how smart you want the form  to look.

If the format is not critical, and the document processing isn't
hyper critical either, then how about using a sharepoint  Designer
built Workflow which has an Initiation element on it?

You can tweak the format of the Initiation document a bit using SPD
if you need to, but the simplest thing would be to initiate a WF
against any kind of document, which doesn't affect the document in
any way, rather it just allows the WF to create  a simple  'Email to',
which can be sent to the approapriate location and address

The Initiation form fields would hold the information you are looking
to manage, which can then be incorporated using the 'Build Dynamic
String' Activity into other fields, format or simple emails.

This isn't a particularly smart or 'sexy' solution, and if it does
the thing, then you won't have to build any unique stuff as SPD
should do all of this straight out of the box.

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