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Can STSADM -o Createweb use templates defined in XML?

  Asked By: Nirmal    Date: May 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1545

The STSADM -O CREATEWEB command takes a template name as a parameter.
As far as I can tell, the only template names it recognizes are those
associated with templates added using STSADM -O ADDTEMPLATE. Is there
a way to use a template that is defined only through the
WEBTEMP.XML/ONET.XML process rather than one exported to an .stp?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kristian Chaney     Answered On: May 25

I've answered my own question. Even though the STSADM -O ENUMTEMPLATES command
only lists templates  added using the STSADM -O ADDTEMPLATE command, you can
still use templates setup through WEBTEMP.XML & ONET.XML. The template  name is
the one defined  at the top of WEBTEMP<template name>.XML, e.g.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- _lcid="1033" _version="11.0.5510" _dal="1" -->
<!-- _LocalBinding -->
<Templates xmlns:ows="Microsoft SharePoint">
<Template Name="STSMEG1" ID="10007">
<Configuration ID="0" Title="MEG1 Team Site" Hidden="FALSE"
ImageUrl="/_layouts/images/stsprev.png" Description="This template creates a
site for teams to create, organize, and share information quickly and easily. It
includes a Document Library, and basic lists such as Announcements, Events,
Contacts, and Quick Links."> </Configuration>

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