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Strange issue w/multiple domains not working on new site collection

  Asked By: Tarang    Date: Mar 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1760

This is a strange SharePoint issue I haven`t seen before. I have an extranet
farm that both the external users (in their own EXT domain) and the internal
(ABC domain) users can access. It's one web application with a site collection
for each project/group. The farm has been live for over a year with no issues.
Users from both domains can access all the site collections on the site.

Note: All the servers on the extranet are on the EXT domain. Also, trust is
established between the two domains.

In the SSP, profile importing has been set up for both domains and is running
fine with no issues. If I look at the profiles, there are entries from both ABC
and EXT domains. If I go to any of the existing site collections and add
people/groups, it will accept users/groups from both domains.

The problem occurred when they added a new site collection. They followed the
same procedure they always do to create a new site collection. Now, when they
try to add people/groups to the new site collection from the EXT domain it works
fine, however, none of the ABC domain users/groups show up in the people picker
nor do they validate if you enter them manually in the users/groups field.

I've checked everything and can't seem to find why this would happen. You would
think that a user/group that has a profile in the SSP would be able to be picked
and added to any of the web applications/site collections that use the SSP.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Ebony Perkins     Answered On: Mar 25

This solved it:

By default, the "People Picker" in SharePoint does not display domains  with
one-way trusts. This command enables it:

Stsadm.exe "o setproperty "pn peoplepicker-searchadforests " pv <list of
forests or domains> -url <webapp>