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Strange Error in Document Library

  Asked By: Caitlin    Date: Mar 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1062

I have a user that has a document library that he is working on. He is running IE v. 6.0 When he tries to view one of his folders in Explorer View he gets the below area. It happens at random. I cannot figure out what is causing this. Has anyone experienced this before. What could be causing this? Please HELP!



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alyssa Butler     Answered On: Mar 03

A couple of things to check: Is webclient service running  on the PC of the user  who gets the error? Has webdav been enabled on the server?

Answer #2    Answered By: Katy Patton     Answered On: Mar 03

getting the error: "requires a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible
application and Microsoft Internet explorer  5.0 or greater". If it
is, then here's the possible errors:
o Microsoft Office XP or later is not installed on your computer
o Office XP or Microsoft Office 2003 is installed on your
computer;however the SharePoint support component that is included in
Office Tools is not installed on your computer.
o The Owssupp.dll file is not registered correctly in Microsoft

and finally, the one that's NOT documented anywhere as far as I know:
you can get this error  even though everything is installed correctly.
This happens when the filename's total characters is beyond the 255
character limit. The filename INCLUDES the URL to get to the
filename, as far as your desktop system is concerned. If you have
lots of folders, or lots of subsites, especially if they have long
names, you're probably beyond the 255 limit. An easy way to tell is
to paste the URL to your file into an empty Word document. Then
click tools/Word count...this will give you a total count of
characters. If it's over 255, explorer view  will not work for this
folder/shared document  library. It's not really Sharepoint, it's
your system's limitation. If you go back and rename some of the
folders to shorter names, or move the site to a higher place in the
hierarchy, it will work again.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ana Payne     Answered On: Mar 03

It is likely that the url is too long. Check the length. If it is over 100 characters, then it is a problem for Sharepoint in explorer  view.

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