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how to store personalized daat in a ASP.NET page, using WSS/SPS API

  Asked By: Roland    Date: Sep 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1751

We have a requirement, in which we have to write a custom ASP.NET
page and host that page in Sharepoint server (under _layout folder
may be). This page should hold some personalized information.

Will WSS/SPS provides any API support or a way to personalize a data
in ASP.NET page?

I know, with custom web parts, we can use WebPartStorage
(Storage.Personal) method. But this applied only to a web part. What
we need is a ASP.NET page, not a web part.

When the user goes to that ASP.NET page, he should see a personalize
link. By clicking on that link, he can enter some personalize data,
based on that, he sees personal information. We Dont want to use web
parts, rather we want to write ASP.NET pages

Can we do the personalization in AS.NET pages? Can't we use some
thinh similar to "storage.personal" in ASP.NET page?



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