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Store codes in sharePoint for versioning

  Asked By: Akhila    Date: Mar 31    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1494

We are considering storing our codes in SharePoint instead of using the source code versioning capabilities of Team Foundation Server. Other than SharePoint's inability to integrate with visual studio the way Team Foundation Server does, are there other disadvantages to this approach?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Elisabeth Walsh     Answered On: Mar 31

This rather reminds me of the classic problem; do you knock in the nail with a hammer or a brick? They both work, but the hammer is designed for the job and the extra finesse it provides makes the job that much easier.


"Application Developer Resources and source  Control (i.e. files commonly generated by Visual Studio)
Visual Studio and similar application development suites are designed so that developers can build applications and deploy them to others. This application work is often broken up into project files during development, with the goal of compiling the project files into a final executable file.

Visual Studio requires that all the project files associated with a development project be local to the machine in order to work. While the project files can be uploaded to sharepoint  to be shared with other developers, the best practice is to use a file compression utility (i.e. WinZip) to collect and upload the *.zip file to SharePoint.

While SharePoint is an excellent document control/document versioning  tool, it is not designed to be replacement for a Source Code Control solutions similar to Visual Source Safe. The Visual Studio Foundation server  for team  or project collaboration is an example of integration, and I'm in these scenarios the source is stored in the databases."

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