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Stats tracking for SharePoint

  Asked By: Nicholas    Date: Nov 01    Category: MOSS    Views: 1929

We're running MOSS 2007 and I would like to be able to
track how many "hits" are happening in our Intranet to what pages,
folders, documents, etc.

Can anyone recommend how this would be enabled? Is there a particular
Web Part that would have to be added?

My knowledge of SharePoint is just a bit above beginner level, so
please be gentle with the technical terms.



6 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alonzo Richard     Answered On: Nov 01

You have two options that I know of. First, WSS/MOSS have some usage
reporting built in. Go to Site Settings > Site Usage Report (under Site
Administration). You have a couple of views you can choose from and
they'll show you how many times specific pages have been hit in the last
30 days or total. The beauty of this solution is that it's easy. Your
second option is using SharePoint Designer (SPD). SPD has a web
component you can drop onto a page that will give you your hit count.
It's under Insert > Web Component > Hit Counter.

Answer #2    Answered By: Toby Singleton     Answered On: Nov 01

A couple other options would be:

1) Use standard IIS web log analysis software.

2) Use one of the 3rd party cookie or page-based analysis pages

Answer #3    Answered By: Felipe Osborne     Answered On: Nov 01

I was just about to post a very similar question, although
I'm still stuck using SPS 2003/WSS 2.0 until next year.

Bryan- What are some of the "3rd party cookie or page-based analysis
pages" you mention?

We were told we could use Webtrends, but my IT Dept. never got it to
work for our intranet. We use Webtrends for our web site, but for
whatever reason they can't manage to set it up to work w/ the
SharePoint log files. Is it possible?

I've used both the usage summary reports in the UI and in FrontPage
(which I assume is very similar in the v3/SP Designer), but I still
only see a way to get a report per site (having to visit each site
in order to get the report). Is there any way to get a report to be
auto-created for all sites?

And the portal usage details I'm getting via FrontPage seem wrong.
It shows me a monthly summary data for the past few years, and I
can't tell if it's reporting details for overall portal/WSS usage,
or just portal, or just the default.aspx page?? I have no idea. :(

If anyone knows of a way to do this, I'd greatly appreciate your
help. Like I said, we'd even be interested in looking at 3rd party
tools that provide better reports (especially Webtrends, if anyone
out there can explain how we set this up).

Answer #4    Answered By: Steve Fernandez     Answered On: Nov 01

Webtrends is one of the apps I've seen working - in fact Microsoft uses
it internally for many of their MOSS2007/WSS3 deployments. I don't have
firsthand experience using Webtrends with SPS2003/WSS2, but due to the
way v2 is architected I know you don't get all the details in the IIS

Answer #5    Answered By: Travis Turner     Answered On: Nov 01

We use Summary.net against our production 2003 Portal web logs with great
results. Have implemented MOSS yet.

Answer #6    Answered By: Jarod Mathews     Answered On: Mar 23

At Webtrends we came out with a very low development time implementation for 2007. For more information see: blogs.webtrends.com/.../.

SPS 2003 is more problematic, as it requires cracking open the templates to insert the code. It's much more challenging. I would advise against it.

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