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Statistics on Search

  Asked By: Stewart    Date: Mar 27    Category: MOSS    Views: 846

We are currently on SharePoint Portal 2003, moving to MOSS next month.
We are looking forward to the improvement in search, but management
wants statistics to show that the improved search is actually being
used. I don't see any easy way to provide the statistics. We also have
a Google Mini in house, because users didn't like the fact that
SharePoint 2003 search didn't support phrase searches, so queries
brought back too many items. The Google Mini allows phrase search and
also provides a good monthly summary of how many searches were done and
what the top search queries were. This is helpful for figuring out
whether you are crawling (indexing) the things that people are looking
for, and whether they understand the right way to do a search. I can't
see any equivalent in MOSS. I've tried SharePoint Designer, but the
usage reports for a site seem to be the same as FrontPage provided for
SharePoint Portal 2003 sites. You can see hits per page, but I don't
see any way to figure out how many search queries are done in a period
of time, and what the top queries are. Is this something easy to
program? Is there some add-on tool that provides a summarization from
the IIS logs that would give us the statistics we need?



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