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SSO with Sharepoint 2010 and ASP.NET membership application sharing

  Asked By: Stella    Date: Nov 23    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 1351

I want to implement SSO using Sharepoint 2010 with the following

1. A server that is using an asp.net 3.5 application with the
standard ASP.Net membership provider (all the users will log in
using the membership provider database)

i.e.: http://membership.mydomain.com

1. A (remote, not the same server) Sharepoint 2010 server
running on some other subdomain.

i.e.: http://sharepoint.mydomain.com

Both servers share the same domain.

I want to implement SSO on the servers. That would be basically: If I
log in to the sharepoint server, I'll be also logged in the asp.net 3.5
application server and vice versa.

Any tips about this? Any links that could help me? Should I use claims
authentication for this?



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