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Using SSO with a seperate web application

  Asked By: Antione    Date: Nov 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 6712

Apparntly, there is no way to do this (from what I read on the SDK),
however based on the workflow of the functionality I just can't
accept that it can't. Here is the issue.

I am trying to get SSO to authenticate users against another
webapplication. The workflow is

user enters SPS -> user clicks on links -> if user has no crednetials
redirect to login form -> enter user credentials store in SSO dB ->
bypass this next time if they have credentials for the app.

The app that I am trying to pass credentials to is a web application
with a standard forms based authentication (just username and
password). I have correctly configured the SSO service and it is
running fine.

I have already tried the SSO webpart out of the SDK however this
doesn't really do much besides grab the credentials.

Does anyone have an example of someone using SSO to pass credentials
to another form based application hosted on a different server?

Maybe something like a user getting authenticated against yahoo or
anything would be helpful.

So, basically, I would just like an example of how someone might have
implemented SSO in order to pass user credentials to another form
based authentication form. I have looked in using SAML..but
damn...why isn't this built in.



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