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SSL redirect problem

  Asked By: Jordan    Date: Jan 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2099

We have SPS installed and have followed the "Extranet Deployment" whitepaper
from Microsoft, including setting up SSL. We have set up both port 80(http) and
port 443(https) on the same website in IIS, with a web page that redirects all
insecure requests for SPS to the secure URL, and this is working. We are,
however, getting prompted twice for authentication if going to the insecure http
address; it prompts once when we go there, and once when it is redirected to the
secure https URL. If going directly to the secure https URL, it requires only
one authentication. I understand why this happens: we are requiring windows
authentication on the site and not anonymous. We would like to get this number
of authentications down to only one, to simplify things for our end users.

I have tried these steps to accomplish this so far:

-set up a separate web site that answers on port 80 for the insecure URL and
automatically redirects it to the secure URL

-changed port 80 to port 81 on the original website so there would be no
confusion in which site would answer

-restarted the IIS admin service

When going to the insecure URL, it redirects fine to the secure site but
encounters that common proxy error that I've seen before (especially when I
first tried to get SSL to work):

Dashboard Error
An Unexpected error occurred.
An error occurred while accessing the dashboard. This error may be caused by
the proxy server settings for your dashboard...-2147217895 (error number)

I've tried changing the proxy settings arround, from 80 to 81, and also even to
443 since I saw that in the newgroup as a possible fix for a similar situation:
nothing worked, same error.

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this so that an http request is given a
simple redirect to the https URL without getting prompted for authentication



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Anthony Robinson     Answered On: Jan 10

the Dashboard and SSL, DO NOT work  together...there is documentation out
there somewhere that explains "how to" get it configured, but it is
WRONG...Sharepoint "1" and SSL (using the Dashboard)..will not work...It
does in Ver2, without the Dashboard however.

Answer #2    Answered By: Antonio Kelly     Answered On: Jan 10

I dis-agree with Martin, SPS V1 works with SSL,

You need to watch a couple things
1. You need a valid certificate from a trusted authority. Using home
grown certificatte is not supported by Microsoft
2. You need to use the Extranet tool
3. You need to follow instructions on the Extranet whitepaper and bind
the certificate manually

Answer #3    Answered By: Buddy Moon     Answered On: Jan 10

see below:
A short summary: The DAVCatalog stuff - Web folders and documents - are
served by the SQLDAV.dll 'engine'. It itself uses the DAVCatalog database,
and some XML style sheets to generate the Web pages that we see. The ones
that list the contents of the folders, and the documents themselves.
It seems that SQLDAV.dll is somewhat (but far from fully) SSL compatible.
This is what I could do:
1a. I could create a Web folder in the Windows Explorer (WE) using a SSL
type URL to a DAVCatalog folder. (E.g.
1b. I could view the contents of THIS folder in the WE.
1c. I could create a sub-folder in THIS folder using the WE.
1d. I could drop files into THIS folder using the WE.

2. I could view any viewable document in the DAVCatalog using a SSL type

URL in the Internet Explorer (IE). ('Viewable' = is native type, has

plug-in, or can be downloaded.) E.g.


What I could NOT do was the following:

3. I could not navigate to sub-folders from the Web folder I 'created' in

1a. Wether the sub-folders were old (existing) ones or created after I

set up the Web folder did not matter. (It appears that the WE is

trying an unsecure URL prefixed with 'http://'.)

4. I could not access any FOLDER in the DAVCatalog from IE. (This we
knew from last week.)

Conclusions so far:
- Style sheet issues may be to blame for (4) above, since FILES can
actually be accessed using SSL while FOLDERS cannot. The folder 'view'
uses style sheet(s?). The file 'view' is simply a file stream back to
the browser.
- The Windows Explorer may not be smart enough to realize that a parent
Web folder uses 'https://' in its URL. It seems to ignore the prefix
from the parent and happily substitute it with 'http://' when I
double-click on a sub-folder.

Answer #4    Answered By: Vishala Verma     Answered On: Jan 10

I bet to differ. We are running SPP 2001 with SSL and it works with the
d\Dashboard site. Granted some web  parts had to be tweaked but it works. one  of
the keys is to follow the directions. The internal site  needs to be on its own
web site using NTLM authentication  and no annonymous access and the external
site needs to be using Basic Authentication and no NTLM and no annoymous. The
External web site points to the same root and has the same virtual folders.
Again, read the white paper closely.

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