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SPS/WSS User Info list & updates to display names & email addresses

  Asked By: Ernie    Date: Feb 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2753

WSS sites contain a list "User Info" that retains a "Display Name" and "Email" field. The "Email" field is used for alerts and the "Display Name" field is used in the "created by" & "modified by" as seen in the footer for each list item entered/edited by a user. If you needed to change someone's "Email" or "Display Name" across all WSS sites in your organization, you can write a script that would tear though a list of sites, get an instance of the site (SPWeb), iterate through the UserCollection for each SPWeb and change the properties.

Now, in a portal, each area is really a WSS site under the covers (all in one giant WSS site collection). As in a WSS site collection, all the areas use the same user info list. Alerts in portals are based off the email in the profile for the user in the portal's profile database. However, like a regular, pure WSS site, the "Display Name" of the user info table is used in the "created by" & "modified by" as seen in the footer of each list item.

So... let's say you have a user who gets married & changes their name (Jane Doe [jane.doe@...] -> Jane Jones [jane.jones@...]). You'd have to do some sort of process to your WSS sites as mentioned above. In your portal(s), the changes show up in your profile database (if you have the incremental updates configured correctly OR if you rolled your own updating solution). This would take effect for all this user's alerts in the portal. However, their "Display Name" will be incorrect across your whole portal. Obviously this isn't ideal...

To the best of my knowledge, the information from the profile database is not propogated down to the user info list of the portal, or to the sites' user info lists within the portal site collection. Am I correct in assuming that if you wanted the "Display Name" to be updated, you'd have to follow the same process across all your portals & sites in the portal sites collection as explained above?



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