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SPS/WSS 2003 Approval Routing

  Asked By: Candice    Date: Nov 21    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 872

I know that by default, there is no built-in tool for approval
routing in 2003. What I want to do is have alerts for different
departments at different times (for our HR New Hire process)

I'll try to paint the picture for you: HR has a template for
information about a new hire, such as name, extension, email,
aliases, databases, permissions, etc. The HR department sends the
database team and computer support team a copy of the New hire sheet
that already has information filled out by HR (Name, initials,
manager...) The database team (my team) then fills out the parts
they need to fill in, such as what databases the new hire will need,
database servers, etc. Then finally the computer support team fills
out the rest of the sheet, which is the domain account name, and
alias. Oh and then the facility manager fills out what the new
hire's phone extension would be.

Is there any way we could leverage the Alerts feature in SharePoint
so that we can streamline this process and just have one document,
rather than having multiple copies sent thru email? For instance,
after HR is done filling out their part, the DB team could be
alerted? And then after DB, the Computer Support team could be
alerted? We have distribution lists for all three departments, but
right now it kinda looks as though we would need three different
copies of the document, since it seems you can only put down one
email address per alert.

I hope this makes at least a LITTLE bit of sense, it's hard to
explain without actually showing it to you.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Anthony Robinson     Answered On: Nov 21

There are several 3rd party workflow vendors with solutions for SharePoint. If
you prefer to go the build it yourself route you could do this using the event
handlers in SharePoint with or without BizTalk.

Answer #2    Answered By: Antonio Kelly     Answered On: Nov 21

Hey there are many great things available on top of sharepoint for your
which is MS Office solution accelarator for Recruitment.. freely available by MS
and works really great.
Has the integration feature to the other applications also.

Try that.. it can track the complete recruitment process and moreover can be
used for CV databank also.

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