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SPS2003 _SERV Database Growth Accelerating - Config Problem or Grow

  Asked By: Katie    Date: Jun 21    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2918

The _SERV database on my SPS2003 portal is getting larger by leaps
and bounds, so much so that I think there is a problem. In the past 2
weeks, the database has essentially doubled in size from @210MB to
@500MB. Obviously the database isn't that big, but this growth
suprises me after it grew very slowly for more than a year.

Per page 118 of the sppt reskit, the _SERV database is concerned
mainly with searches and alerts for the portal. In my case, there are
very few portal alerts, so I'm guessing that there are
search/indexing problems.

Nothing seems too much amiss when I look at search/index in the
SPS2003 admin UI. My gatherer logs don't seem to have too many errors
(someone just locked a calendar in the exchange public folder, for
instance, generating @120 errors).

Anyone else have similar _SERV database issues? Does this sound like
a search/index problem or normal SPS2003 behavior? Anyone have some
ad hoc sql I could run against the database to diagnose problems?



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