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SPS and WSS 2003

  Asked By: Daryl    Date: May 21    Category: WSS    Views: 715

Has anyone rolled out SPS 2003 without the WSS initially? I'd like to do this so users can get used to the new SPS 2003 setup and then rollout WSS separately at a later date. Can this be done?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Barry Burke     Answered On: May 21

You can certainly exclusively expose SPS functionality initially. However,
Windows SharePoint Services must be installed to run SharePoint Portal

Not sure I understand your approach. Perhaps it is just a subjective thing,
but given the option of a staggered rollout, I would roll out Windows
SharePoint Services and then add SharePoint Portal Server at a later date.

Users tend to grasp Windows SharePoint Services right away whereas
SharePoint Portal Server typically takes some additional training.
Additionally, Windows SharePoint Services is designed for the masses to
provision and few to collaborate whereas SharePoint Portal Server is
designed for a few centralized key personnel to provision and everyone to
read, search, and browse. Just my perspective.

Answer #2    Answered By: Erick Carlson     Answered On: May 21

Technically, WSS must be installed since SPS 2003 runs on top of
this platform. From a user perspective you can certainly implement
and rollout SPS without enabling access to the lower level WSS
features. Once the users are comfortable working with the portal
then you can begin addressing issues such as WSS self service site
creation. We are basically taking this approach with a school
district we are working with currently.

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