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SPS Version 2

  Asked By: Ricardo    Date: Nov 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 759

I installed sps version 2 with msde option, after that complete installation
it opens a webpage to configure the database
I provided the SPS server name but it gives a error message Invalid login,
after that I gave configure existing database and gave another machine which
was having sql server 2000 as the data source , still it gave me the error
saying database doesn't exist (offline)

I checked the documentation but there is no way to tell me what I need to do
I even installed sql 2000 on the SPS server and try to conjure this but
doesn't works

any clue why this is happening



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Answer #1    Answered By: Carrie Ross     Answered On: Nov 13

The readme file says that much can go wrong on that first page, and once it
does, then it is very hard to recover. Here is the advice that James Edelen
gave me.

"The previous operation failed.

The Web site that is referenced here is not in the configuration

I have installed  SharePoint Portal server  V2 Beta on a Win2003
Enterprise server. I created a new Virtual Web Server on
(The domain server is SBS2000) I then opened SharePoint Central and
worked through the steps of creating a Portal.

The Configure Server Topology and components assignments were left in
the default settings. No issues are listed even though Single Sign-on
settings are shown as unknown.

Specify Configuration database  server was left in default settings

Email was set to the Exchange root server, which is on the domain
server box.

HTML viewing is enabled and set to the Win2003 box.

When I go down to the next group and click Create Portal, it grinds
away for a while and then gives the quoted error  message.

How do I get the named VWS (site) into the Configuration database? It
is selected from a dropdown list at one point.

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