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SPS backups stop working, looks like mssearch?

  Asked By: Lakeisha    Date: Jan 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1216

I currently use a batch file that runs as a daily scheduled task at 4:30am
to back up my SPS. Here's what it does:

@echo off
move f:\sps-back\backup.4 f:\sps-back\backup.5
move f:\sps-back\backup.3 f:\sps-back\backup.4
move f:\sps-back\backup.2 f:\sps-back\backup.3
move f:\sps-back\backup.1 f:\sps-back\backup.2
move f:\sps-back\backup.bak f:\sps-back\backup.1
c:\winnt\system32\cscript "c:\program files\sharepoint portal
server\bin\msdmback.vbs" /b f:\sps-back\backup.bak"

It works great for a while (like a week or two), and then when I go check up
on it after subscriptions stop firing and we exhibit some weirdness with web
folders, it turns out that the backups stopped running. I get 0-size files
as the backup.N files.

I looked around some more, and what I notice is that a NORMAL backup results
in these event logs:

4:30:01AM ESE98 Logging/Recovery Information Store Started
4:35:34AM ESE98 Logging/Recovery Information Store Finished
4:37:30AM ESE98 Logging/Recovery MSSearch Started
4:37:30AM ESE98 Logging/Recovery MSSearch Finished

However, looking back in the event logs every time we've had this problem,
the Information Store gets started and finished, but the MSSearch never gets
started. If I don't reboot the box, then backups never complete.

Now I suspect that the mssearch backup or the backup script (the cscript in
the batch file) is still running or is locking things up somehow and causing
the instability issues such as:
a.. Subscriptions no longer work
b.. Can't rename web folders or filenames (results in the browser showing
"Operation Timed out")
c.. Various other things on SPS just are flaky. Can't recreate all of
them, but examples include folders not responding, workspaces being slow for
some and not for others, etc.
So my question to the group is -- how do I avoid a reboot in fixing this
problem? I want to kill or restart whatever it is that's locked up or
hanging, but I'm unsure as to what to kill exactly. I really really want to
avoid a reboot due to the fileshares on this box.



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