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SPD split design view OK but browser fails ?

  Asked By: Dale    Date: Dec 03    Category: MOSS    Views: 1510

On a MOSS site, custom aspx page, the split design view in SPD is fine, but the
page will not render in browser (IE7 or 8). Page is saved in a DocLib and
checked-in. Browser error msg usless. Opening a plain, new browser also shows
same error.

This occurs during my experiments to get my custom xslt "included" from the root
Style Library rather than pasted directly into the UI xsl sorce panel of the web
part (which works fine.) I have a different site-collection where I do this

Any ideas why?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lonnie Cohen     Answered On: Dec 03

Is this cross-site? It may be setting the browser off with a cross-site
scripting error....?

Answer #2    Answered By: Ruchir Satam     Answered On: Dec 03

Cross-site?? DO you mean cross-site collections? or cross-site within one

I am completely within one site collection. In my site-collection where
including XSL works the <xsl:include....> is one site level below the root.
Here the href="/Style Library/......."

whereas in the site-collection where the including does not work in browser
but does work in SPD split design view, the <xsl:include.....> is two site
levels below the root and the href="/sites/ENC1/Style Library/......" has two
additional path specifiers in order to get it to work in SPD pane but will not
work in browsers.

If this what you meant by cross-site, what is solution?

Answer #3    Answered By: Suresh Chindarkar     Answered On: Dec 03

Try hard-coding the path? There is a difference between: href="/Style
Library/......." and href="/sites/ENC1/Style Library/......", namely that you
are making reference to "/sites/" in the second...

Answer #4    Answered By: Varun Mehta     Answered On: Dec 03

After 20-30 hrs of trying and web searching, I found out that

For a site 1 level below root, the following works:

<xsl:include href="/Style Library/shared_templates_DP/intake_codeV6a.xsl"/>

But for a site 2 levels below root, must use full path:

<xsl:include href="https://symdocs.symad.symantec.com/sites/SOX-IA/Style

SP is so inconsistent for a mature, widely used product. It is quite painfull
for us non-gurus.

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