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SPD Crash when trying to create a New Item Form

  Asked By: Adrianna    Date: Oct 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 1201

I am running WSS 3.0 on a Windows 2008 Server 64bit. This runs our intranet
which has been going for about 6 months. I have used SharePoint Designer 2007 to
make basic edits to pages and workflow which work fine.

However SPD2007 has been crashing when I do the following:

I created a links list called 'Tester Links'. I created a new .aspx page in
SharePoint Designer 2007, linked it to the default master page then inserted a
'Data View'. I chose 'Tester Links' from Data Source details then clicked Show
Data. I selected a couple of fields, went to 'Insert Selected Fields As' and
chose 'New Item Form'.

SharePoint Designer 2007 then crashes with the error 'Microsoft SharePoint
Designer has stopped working'

I tried creating a new Web Application and site collection, then created a new
links list however still the same crashing.

I tried using SPD2007 on both the server that WSS is on and my own client
machine. I have also logged in as myself (domain admin) and the domain
administrator however I still can't create a new item form!

I also tried this:

1 Open the page with SPD, click Insert > SharePoint Controls > Custom List Form.

2 Select the Link list name at the List or document library to use at form filed
and Link at the Content type for use for form filed, check New item form for the
Type of form to create section at the List or Document Library Form window >
Click OK.

After pressing OK, SPD crashes as before.


- If I choose Insert > SharePoint Controls > Custom List Form and select either
New item form. Edit item form or Display Item form then SPD crashes.

- If I choose Insert > SharePoint Controls > List Form then SDP doesn't freeze.

It seems it is definitely when inserting a custom list form.

This issue happens also when using a freshly made aspx page without the master
page attached.

I believe my SPD2007 is up to date. I have SP2 installed and there are no other
updates when running Microsoft Update. My version is:
SPD2007 (12.0.6423.1000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6535.5002)

When I go to Central Admin, Operations, Servers in the Farm - my version of WSS
shows as

Any ideas/suggestions?



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